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Special Lecture on Finding a Job with Writing and Correcting Resume


We, office of International Affairs, held a lecture for helping foreign students to getting a job and selecting career path after graduation. The topic of lecture is ‘Employment Education with the Guide of Writing and Correcting Resume’. We hope your interest and attention.


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Date & Time : November 17(Fri) 13:00AM~16:00PM

Target : Myoungji Univ. any foreign students

Language : Korean (wtih Chinese, Vietnamese Description)

Progress :

1. Writing the application form.

2. Writing resume and cover letter (refer to the attached file) in one of the languages among Korean, English, Vietnamese, Chinese, Mongolian.

3. Submit the application form, resume and cover letter. (the way to submit : e-mail

4. Apply is succeeded if all the documents are submitted, we will contact individually to the number which is written on the application form.


Ort : Myongji Univ. Seoul Campus Main Building S1325

Details :


Subject & Content




Resume Writing and Prepare for get a job

InterACT Consulting CEO



How to write a resume and self-introduction document and correction


Myongji Univ. Office of International Affairs

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