Courses & Regulations

Course Evaluation (From 2016 summer semester)

(1) Expulsion
 - Not registering for courses by the registration deadline
 - Missing more than 50% of the total attendance
 - With 2 or more consecutive warnings
 - Submission of false or tampered transcripts and papers
 - Failure to continue coursework due to poor behavior, illness, and etc.
 - Prosecution by disobeying the immigration law

(2) Withdrawal
 - Withdrawal : If you wish to withdraw while the courses are in session, you must submit the form for withdrawal

   to the Director of the office of International affairs.

     - Leave of Absence : International students are not eligible to apply for a leave of absence. However, if a student is

       unable to complete the course of study due to medical reasons and your condition requires hospitalization for more

       than 4 weeks, the student may request a medical leave of absence but it must be supported by appropriate

       documentation issued from a licensed medical practitioner in Korea. 

(3) Warning
 - Having being absent 30%

 - Acting in disruptive ways which prevent others, including peers and instructors, from learning and teaching in the

   most academically effective environment

(4) Grading and Level Placement Standards
 - Attendance 10%, Behavior and Coursework 10%, Exam Grade 80%
 - A grade of a minimum of 75 and an overall attendance of 70% will allow you to be placed in the next level


(5) Scholarship
- Award of Recognition for Academic Excellence: Grant KRW100,000 for one student who obtained highest grade among

   his/her level (must be minimum 90)
- Award of Recognition for Integrity and Dedication : Grant KRW100,000 for 2 students who have shown exceptional

  dedication and passion for learning in and out of classroom and who have made significant contributions to publicizing

  Myongji University through various channels of social networks

(6) Refund
 - If you wish to before the term begins, 100% of the tuition fee will be refunded
 - Class days 01 to 08 (1/6) : 85% tuition refund

 - Class days 09 to 17 (2/6) : 75% tuition refund

 - Class days 18 to 25 (3/6) : 50% tuition refund

 - Class days 26 to 33 (4/6) : 35% tuition refund

 - Class days 34 to 50 (5/6) : No refund

 ※ As a point of time when student submit the documents what is finished to return home country, changed visa, entered undergratuate school or graduate school tuition refund will be paid back.

Student ID Card and Library Information

(1) Current Students: Continue to use your previous Student ID Cards
(2) New Students: Student ID Cards will be issued after you have obtained the Alien
     Registration Card. (The whole process takes approx. 3~4 weeks)
※ Those who possess Student ID Cards will have access to the library

Events and Activities

(1) Orientation : General introduction to the Korean Language Institute and Life in Korea
(2) Cultural Excursions : Various opportunities are provided to experience Korean culture and history (Once a semester)
※ Cost free or partially supported by Myongji
(3) Certification Ceremony : Awarding of Certificate indicating Myongji University's acknowledgement of Korean Proficiency level, Outstanding Academic Performance and Attendance