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Exchange students(inbound)

How to Apply to Myongji University
1. Deadline : 18(Fri) November, 2011
2. Send Applications To : Myongji University (Seoul Campus) HaengJeongDong 2F Office of International Affairs (Rm. 5217)
  ㆍTo. So Young(Sue) Kang, Head Officer
   ① Address : 34 Geobukgol-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, Korea (Zip Code : 120-728)
   ② Contact : ☏ (+82) 2 - 300 - 1511  (E-mail :

     ㆍPlease mail your applications to the above address!
3. Required Documents : **Refer to the Guideline (4P)

Exchange Student Program - Program Overview / Qualifications / Application Schedule

Program Overview

A foreign exchange student is a student who studies at Myongji University for one semester or 1 academic year after being
selected by home university in accordance with the terms and conditions specified in a valid partnership agreement(MOU)
signed with Myongji University.
During their study at Myongji University, foreign exchange students :
- Are exempt from the tuition of Myongji University after paying the tuition of their home universities.
- Attend orientation for a comprehensive briefing on every aspect of life at Myongji University.
- Attend regular classes conducted in Korean or English to obtain credits.
- Can attend a Korean Language Course depend on their Korean Lv. without tuition payment.
- Attend special cultural events including Korean culture field trip.
- Make Korean Friends through International Outreach Student Club(어우라미) and mentor in their department.
After the end of their study at Myongji University, Myongji University will send academic transcripts to the home universities
for credit transfer.


You must meet the following requirements to apply for the exchange student program with Myongj University
 - You need to pass the selection process of your home university for this program.
 - You must have a good command of Korean or an interest in Korean language and culture.
 - You need to have finished at least one or more semester at you home university.
 - You should not have been involved in any illegal acts in Korea before, including illegal stay.

Application Schedul

What to do before Arriving in Korea!

Application Schedul
No. What to do When To(from) Whom / Where
1 Dead
Apply by sending required docs, etc. 24(Fri.) November, 2011 Mr. Daniel Jung at OIA
※Through Home Univ.'s OIA
2 Apply for a dormitory room 24(Fri.) November, 2011 Mr. Daniel Jung at OIA
※Through Home Univ.'s OIA
3 Receive Certificate of Admission End of December , 2011 Mr. Daniel Jung at OIA
※Through Home Univ.'s OIA
4 Apply for VISA(D-2-F) Beginning of January, 2012 Korean Consulate
5 Pick up VISA Mid of January, 2012 Korean Consulate
6 Book flight ticket, Send Flight Info. Mid of January, 2012 Mr. Daniel Jung at OIA
※Through Home Univ.'s OIA
7 Notify arrival date and time End of January, 2012 Mr. Daniel Jung at OIA
※Through Home Univ.'s OIA
8 Arrival in Korea and Myongji University (Fri.) 2(Fri.) March, 2012 09:00 ~ Incheon Int'l Airport
※OIA : Office of International Affairs

Exchange Student Program - Application Procedure and Application Deadline

Program Overview

Program Overview

Application Deadline
Application Deadline
For Spring Semester 2012 For Fall Semester 2012
24 November 2011 25 May 2012
Please Submit the required forms and materials - through the international officer of your home university - in the fastest means of delivery, such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT and EMS to the following address before the above deadline:

Mr. Kyu-Sang(Daniel) Jung
Office of International Affairs
Room#5217, 2F Administration Building
Myongji University
50-3, Namgajwa-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, Korea
Zip code : 120-728
Phone : (+82) 2 300 1511~2
E-mail :

[ For International Officer in charge of Outgoing Program ]
International Officers of foreign universities are kindly asked to collect the application documents of their students and review them before sending them in a single package with a cover letter signed by the officers themselves (the cover letter should list the names of the students).

Exchange Student Program - Required Document (Guide to Required Doc. Incㆍluded)

Application form (Mandatory)

- Indicate your intended major at Myongji University
ㆍRefer to the List of Undergraduate Program
- Be sure to indicate your e-mail address (Please list the most frequently used e-mail address)
- Chinese students must indicate their address ONLY. If you don't have a address, please create one.
Before and after you arrival at Myongji University, important info. and materials will be sent to this e-mail address.
- Affix a photo(3cm×4cm) to the form.
ㆍDo not use scotch tape on the surface of the photo. Please use glue to affix the photo on the form
ㆍDo not print from computer (No jpg, bmp etc.)
- Indicate your application for MJU Dormitory including the room type and staying period.
- Print the form out and sign it.

Recommendation Form (Mandatory)

- Recommendation form from Professor, Academic advisor or International Office officer in sealed, signed envelopes.

Certificate of Enrollment (Mandatory)

- The latest version of your official certificate of enrollment, issued by your home university, which proves that you are currently
enrolled at your home university.

Official Transcripts (Mandatory)

- The latest version of your official academic transcript issued by your home university

Passport and Identification Card (Mandatory)

- A copy of the first page of your passport - the page which contains your personal info.
- You need to have at least one and half years left untill the expired date.
- A copy of the front side of your ID Card which is used in your country.

Copy of Certificate of Health Insurance (Mandatory)

- Submit the Certificate of Insurance which covers you for 6 months ~ 1 academic year during your stayin Korea
ㆍInsurance period is different according to the exchange student's staying period in Korea.

Health Report (Mandatory)

- Submit the health report(our form) which needs to be filled out by a Medical Doctor at least 1 month prior to your entry to Korea
(no sections should be left blank)

Three Color Photos (Mandatory)

- Four original head-shot photos taken at a photo studio ONLY (3cm×4cm)
ㆍDo not submit black-and-white version, scanned version and the ones taken on the street or at the metro station by photo

Exchange Student Program - Certificate of Admission / VISA(D-2-F) / Arrival in Korea

Certificate of Admission

Submitted application documents will be screened by the OIA (Submission does not automatically mean admission). Upon screening the application documents, the OIA will issue original certificates of admission for qualified students, and send the certificates to international coordinators of the home universities - sometime in end of June 2011, in the fastest means of delivery, such as DHL.

VISA (D-2-F)

Upon obtaining your certificate of admission from your international officer, you must visit - at the earliest date possible - the nearest Korean embassy/consulate with the certificate of admission and other documents required by the embassy/consulate to obtain a student visa (a D-2-F visa, which is for foreign exchange students). The business registration number of Myongji University is 「XXX-XX-00297」. You might need this number to apply for a visa. Please note that when it comes to the issuance of visas, it is the embassy/consulate's decision and Myongji University cannot make any guarantees.

Program Overview

Exchange Student Program - Overseas Insurance

Foreign exchange students are required to purchase overseas health insurance before they arrive in South Korea. Be sure to check your insurance policies carefully for coverage in South Korea. Make sure that your insurance policies cover the entire period of your stay at Myongji University – from the moment you step on the plane leaving for South Korea to the moment you step back on the soil of your home country after the end of your study. While at this point the official arrival dates are not finalized yet, please make sure that your insurance period starts from 2 march 2012 (or earlier, if you arrive in South Korea earlier) and ends on the last date of February 2013 (if you will leave the country right after your final exams) or the last date of July (August) 2012 (if you will leave the country after spending some time personally in the country). In any case, please make sure that your insurance period is long enough, and there are no missing (uninsured) days. If extraordinary circumstances prevent you from buying overseas insurance before leaving your home country, you can purchase insurance after arriving at Myongji University –during the orientation. But this is highly unrecommended, as you will be uninsured from the moment you step on the plane leaving for South Korea to the moment you actually pay for insurance after arrival at Myongji University. During this short uninsured period, anything can happen, and if you get sick and treated at a hospital during this period, you will not be reimbursed for the money you pay for this treatment even if you buy insurance later. Of course, even if you purchased overseas insurance before leaving your home country, you may purchase additional insurance after your arrival at Myongji University – during the orientation.

Program Overview

Exchange Student Program - Arrival to Korea

Application Deadline
March 2 Friday, 2012 09:00 ~ 18:00
For Spring Semester 2012 Incheon International Airport

Upon obtaining the visa, you must reserve a plane ticket to fly to South Korea. Due to the high prices of plane tickets and other reasons, you should purchase your ticket as early as possible. Yet it is not a good idea to purchase your plane ticket until you receive the finalized schedule (timetable) containing the official arrival dates designated by the OIA, and until you obtain a visa (as there is no 100% guarantee that your visa will be issued, although foreign exchange students are rarely denied visa.).

University dormitory residents

If you choose to live in the university dormitory, you must arrive at the airport between 09:00 am ~ 18:00 pm on the official arrival date designated by the OIA, to be picked up at the airport. You will be picked up at Incheon International Airport by Myongji International Outreach Club students(어우라미), and escorted to the dormitory for check-in. The official arrival (airport pickup) date designated by the OIA is the dorm check-in date set by the dorm (check-in is not allowed before and after these dates.). Of course, if you have friends or relatives living in South Korea, you can choose to arrive in the country before the official arrival date designated by the OIA. More details (the official arrival [airport pickup, dorm check-in] date etc.) will be sent to you later via e-mail.

If you will live off campus

If you choose to live off campus, you do not have to arrive at the airport on the dates designated by the OIA. Of course, if you need airport pickup, you may apply for it. As you will not live in the dorm, you may arrive in South Korea any time after you obtain a student visa. I suggest that you arrive in the country as early as you can, so that you have more time to look for housing off campus. You need to arrive in the country in time to attend the mandatory orientation for new foreign exchange students.


Exchange Student Program - Dormitory

The Dormitory Building in Seoul Campus was built in 2006. It is a 9-Story building with a capacity of 866 students with 309 beds. Each room is equipped with beds, closets, desks, shelves, a telephone, LAN system and refrigerators, along with separate bathrooms and showers. Also TV, microwaves and electric kettles are arranged in the lounge for simple snacks and breakfast. Various subsidiary facilities are also available including a laundry room, a seminar room and a convenience store.

Before you apply for a dormitory room, keep in mind the following facts.

- Twin room(2occupancy) recommended for Exchange students
- Male students and Female students live in separate sections in the dormitory
- No Smoking and No Drinking
- Dormitory Hours : Opening 05:00 /  Closing 24:00
- No Cooking is allowed in the rooms.
ㆍMost of the food served at the Campus restaurant and cafeteria are Korean Food, and usually contain PORK. Please keep this in mind when you apply and if you do not prefer these types of dishes due to religious or personal reasons, please personally arrange for alternative methods of meals.

2011 Dormitory Fee (Currency :₩)
2011 Dormitory Fee (Currency :₩)
Cls. 1year Spring/Fall Semester Vacation(Summer / Winter)
4weeks 8weeks
Application 35,000 35,000 - -
Accommodation 2occupancy 3,019,000 1,118,000 252,000 504,000
4occupancy 2,169,000 803,000 181,000 362,000
Deposit 20,000 20,000 20,000 20,000
※ Dormitory fee may be changed in 2012 Spring Semester.
※ Meals are not included in Dormitory fee.
※ Dormitory Application Deadline : 24 Novermber, 2011 (Please indicate your choice in the application form)
※ Payment Deadline : 9 March, 2012
- Please pay dormitory fees to Dormitory Office through the Office of International Affairs directly after arriving to Myongji University on
   March, 2012.


Exchange Student Program - Undergraduate Program

2011 Dormitory Fee (Currency :₩)
College Unit
(Division or Department)
Seoul Campus Humanities Korean Language and Literature Korean Language and Literature
Chinese Language and Literature Chinese Language and Literature
Japanese Language and Literature Japanese Language and Literature
English Language and Literature English Language and Literature
History History
Library and Information Science Library and Information Science
Art History Art History
Arabic Studies Arabic Studies
Philosophy Philosophy
Social Science Public Administration Public Administration
Economics Economics
Political Science and Diplomacy Political Science and Diplomacy
North Korea Studies North Korea Studies
(Political Science and Diplomacy)
Digital Media Digital Media (Mass Media)
Child Development and Education Child Development and Education
Youth Education and Leadership Youth Education and Leadership
Business Administration Business Administration Business Administration
International Business and Trade International Business and Trade
Management Information System Management Information System
Law Law Law
Yongin Campus Natural Science Mathematics Mathematics
Physics Physics
Chemistry Chemistry
Food and Nutrition Food and Nutrition
Division of Bioscience and Bio-Informatics Bioscience / Bio-Informatics
Engineering Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering
Electronics Engineering Electronics Engineering
Information Engineering Information Engineering
Communication Engineering Communication Engineering
Chemical Engineering Chemical Engineering
Materials Science and Engineering Materials Science and Engineering
Environmental Engineering and Biotechnology Environmental Engineering and Biotechnology
Computer Engineering Computer Engineering
Computer Software Computer Software
Civil Engineering Civil Engineering
Transportation Engineering Transportation Engineering
Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering
Industrial and Management Engineering Industrial and Management Engineering
Arts and Physical Education Division of Design Visual Design / Media Communication Design
Industrial Design / Fashion Design
Division of Physical Education Physical Education / Sports and Leisure Studies
Athletics Training and Coaching (Night Course)
Baduk Studies Baduk Studies
Division of Music Piano / Voice / Composition
Division of Film and Musical Film-Visual Contents / Musical - Performing Art
Architecture Architecture(5Years Course) Architecture(5Years Course)
Space Design Space Design

Exchange Student Program - Korean Language Institute


- Exchange Student who get Lv.1~3 in Korean Level Test in Korean Language Institute(KLI)


- \1,100,000 ㆍTuition fee will be waived for exchange students from sister universities.


All credits obtained at the KLI will be accreditted as Myongji University credits upto 12 Credits
- Korean Speaking and ListeningⅠ~Ⅴ (6 Credits - Pass/Fail)
- Korean Leading and WritingⅠ~Ⅴ (6Credits - Pass/Fail)

Class Hours

- Every Monday ~ Friday
- 09:00 ~ 13:00 4hours (20hrs/1wk. / 200hr/10wks.)
- 1 KLI Semester is 10 weeks long
- Korean Culture Experience Program carried out every KLI Semesterv

Korean Language Institute