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네트워크보안 연구실

지도교수 :
위치 :
제5공학관 6층 5603호

연구실 소개

We do design network systems and algorithms to give enhanced quality of service for heterogeneous users
  and devices. Two principal research works are conducted spanning Adnroid systems and network security.
  Beyond security,we are interested in making large-scale distributed networks fundamentally more attractive as
  platforms of works. The Network&Computer Security Lab., located in room 5603 of the 5th Engineering
  Building, houses people and equipment aimed at "more Secure Internet". Several projects are supported
  by grants from government and industry. We are looking for new students to join us.


이광식 (신한금융지주  IT부부장)
이광훈 (안랩)
김보라 (KT Datasystems)
최건희 (대우정보통신)
이관섭 (eBay)
서일주 (Secugraph CEO)
김승호 (신도리코)
김영곤 (LG전자)
고윤진 (IBM)
김선화 (안랩)
김광동 (한국정보인증)
하용성 (핸드스튜디오)
김현수 (한국무역보험공사)
장수한 (Mad Cats CEO)
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