About The Department
Career opportunities after graduation

Mechanical-engineering graduates will be able to engage in designing and manufacturing in almost every industry field and not limited to working in fields such as industrial machinery, manufacturing machinery, robots, automation equipment, home appliance, automobile industry, shipbuilding, aerospace engineering, environmental engineering, energy, construction, electric and electronic engineering, information technology, software engineering, semiconductor, medical devices, and weaponry. They can also pursue work in research institutes for developing and researching products listed above. Examples of roles in each field is given as follows:

1. Manufacturing and production for machinery companies: designing and analyzing products and manufacturing process.
2. Automation, shipbuilding and aerospace industry: designing, developing and manufacturing structures and components.
3. Robot and automating factories: designing and manufacturing industrial robots.
4. Energy, air conditioning and refrigerating equipment companies: designing and controlling air conditioning and
    refrigerating systems.
5. Software development and application industry: developing and designing casting simulation software, computational
    thermal-fluid system analysis software and manufacturing process automation software.
6. Electronic and information industry: designing and automating semiconductor manufacturing process and managing
    product information.
7. Research institute: researching and developing promising future technologies, manufacturing technologies,
    industrial technologies, bottleneck technologies.
8. Government and public sector: tasks related to technology administration and policy of Ministry of Trade, Industry
    and Energy, Korea Railroad Corporation and other various public corporations.