Academic Goals

Our graduate program is aims to fulfill agape, which is the Christian establishment ideology of Myongji University; to cultivate mechanical engineering experts equipped with professionalism, creativity, and innovativeness. Educational programs for broad fundamental theories and applied technologies have been developed to meet these goals, which have provided students with a wide range of options for majoring fields. In-depth research programs are provided in order to bring up students as technical leaders with professional knowledge and experiences of mechanical engineering in their respective fields.
Curriculum of our graduate program is based on undergraduate courses, giving even importance to major theory subjects and application subjects. For the realization of educational goals, the following are to be observed.

1. Seminar-teaching method is to be given to students to draw creative thinking instead of an acquisition of one-sided knowledge
2. Experiments and practices are to be built up to harness students with the ability for creative application.

Graduates students are to positively participate in national advanced research projects and academic-industrial cooperation projects so that they can experience research and development processes needed for society.