Solid Mechanics/Materials

Manufacturing Engineering
Manufacturing Engineering is the field which designs and applies technologies and methods required to economically manufacture products with high quality and competitiveness. These technologies include robot, machine tools, process engineering, computer vision, and production automation technology including artificial intelligence. In order to meet demands for new products, manufacturing engineering field is rapidly changing with the development of micro-, nanotechnology, and 3D printing.

Professor Jang, Heesuk
Tel : (031) 330-6424
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Professor Yang, Jinseung
Tel : (031) 330-6431
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Professor Park, Kang
Tel : (031) 330-6344
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Professor Chung, Sang Kug
Tel : (031) 330-6346
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Professor Kim, Dohyun
Tel : (031) 324-1425
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Professor: Park, Yong Tae
Tel : (031) 330-6343
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