Message from Our International Students

Hanjun Lin
Ph. D. student from China
Advisor: Prof. Hee-Seok Chang

Hello, everyone. My name is Lin Hanjun, a Chinese student in Mechanical Engineering of Myongji University. 5 years ago, I came to here to complete the last two years study for my bachelor’s degree. Same as any other foreign students, at the beginning I could not easily adapt to life here. Bad language ability, expensive living expenses made me feel nervous about my future. But for a Chinese, Korean language was not too difficult to study though the tough time of start. In the spare time and vacation, a part-time job helped me get a handsome income and a valuable experience. The next difficulty I had to overcome was we should have our major classes in a foreign language. Fortunately, professors in our department are so professional and kind. The most of them are fluent in English as they got their master or the doctoral degree from the top-class university in the world so they can provide the most advanced knowledge to us in classroom. After each class, students got together for group study of the course. It was interesting and helpful. We shared ideas, got knowledge and improved ourselves in classes. For me, as a foreign student, these group activities helped me get friends and improved my Korean language skill also. As the time went by, I felt more and more comfortable living here, so when I finished my bachelor and master study, I decided to study for a Ph.D. degree. Our university has some preferential tuition policy for foreign students who are taking master or Ph.D. program. The important one is 100% of tuition is covered by the university. And every month, a master or Ph.D. student gets paid from their professor for room and board. Every morning, on my way to my lab, I breathe fresh air, listen bird chirping, see squirrels having their breakfast. In one word, I enjoy the life here.