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 International Outreach Student Club 'BUDDIES'








The Myongji International Outreach Student Club (OULAMI) buddy students are selected elite students who represent Myongji University on the international student body. They will help you in getting settled in and guide you through convenient facilities in Myongji and accompany you in official cultural excursions.


They also host weekly regular activities where international students are welcomed to participate freely. Fun activities such as tasting Korean food, visiting cultural sites, playing board games, trying out different traditional costumes, enjoying sports games and watching movies will be held every week in the OULAMI buddy room.


OULAMI buddies also help the international students enjoy Myongji University students’ culture, such as yearly festivals. International students cook their own traditional food and enjoy the festive atmosphere together. Through these activities, international students get the chance to really explore the youth life in Korea and interact with other Korean students at Myongji University.


You can easily find the pictures of OULAMI buddies’ exciting adventures and activities at the official FACEBOOK page by searching for Myongji University International Student Outreach Club in facebook. International students may ask questions in the page and/or freely upload fun videos and pictures.


At Seoul Campus, the OULAMI room is located right next to the Office of International Affairs. At Yongin Campus, the Office of International Affairs’s room is also the OULAMI’s room.





Seoul Campus : Andrew Choi 82-10-6341-9260

Yongin Campus : Jun min Lee 82-10-2811-5225

For English Assistance : Jihyun Lee 82-10-3489-1060

For Japanese Assistance : Sung Wan Hong 82-10-3901-6099

For Chinese Assistance : Yejin Um 82-10-8230-4575

OULAMI Email :