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The Dormitory Building in Seoul Campus was built in 2006. It is a 9-Story building with a capacity of 864 students with 309 bed rooms. There are five Dormitory Buildings in Yongin Campus. It can host 1,872 students. Each room is equipped with beds, closets, desks, shelves, a telephone, LAN system and refrigerators. Also TV, microwaves and electric kettles are equipped in the lounge for simple snacks and cooking. Various subsidiary facilities are also available including a laundry room, a seminar room and a convenience store.


1.Before you apply for a dormitory room, keep in mind the following facts.

Male students and Female students live in separate sections in the dormitory and other genders are strictly prohibited in entering

   another gender’s sections.

Smoking and Drinking is strictly prohibited in the dormitory.

Dormitory Hours: Main gate opening time-05:00 / Main gate closing time-24:30. 

No Cooking is allowed in the rooms. 

※ Most of the food served at the on-campus restraurants and cafeterias are Korean Food, which usually contains MEAT (BEEF and/or

    PORK). Please keep this in mind when applying, and personally arrange alternative methods for any meal restrictions due to religious

    or personal reasons.

□ Seoul Dormitory rooms have separate toilets in the room, but Youngin Dormitory rooms do not have separate toilets in the room. There

    are public shower areas and torilets in each floors.


2. 2016 Dormitory Fee (Currency: KRW())



Dormitory fee and meal fee are subject to change without prior notice.

Seoul Campus Dormitory fee does not include meals. Yongin Campus Dormitory fee includes breakfast. 

※Students at Yongin campus can purchase additional meal vouchers when needed.

※Students cannot change room types after submitting their application.

※Deposit fee of 20,000 KRW is reimbursed upon vacating Seoul Campus dormitory (not included above).

※Dormitory Application Deadline : Please indicate your choice in the application form

※Payment Deadline: Within one week upon arrival

- please pay the dormitory fees directly to the Dormitory Office after arriving at MJU Dormitory after making your Korean bank book.